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What are the risks associated with dental X-rays?

November 13, 2022
Posted By: Amber Schmidt
Dental X-Ray


Maintaining a healthy mouth is crucial to maintaining a healthy smile, so it is essential to take X-rays during dental checkups. A dental X-ray is a type of imaging that provides a dentist with information about the teeth and gums of a patient, allowing them to identify problems like tooth decay, bone loss, and impacted teeth. By doing this, a Parker dentist can accurately diagnose an oral issue and determine the best course of action to treat it and provide treatment for the patient.






Many patients are concerned about the safety of dental X-rays, which is a significant concern for many people. The public is highly concerned that X-ray equipment emits harmful radiation that might harm one's health if used too often. 
To understand this better, let's take a closer look at the topic given to us by Parker Co Dentist and see if you can make a better decision regarding your dental treatment by learning more about it.


What Is the Safety of Dental X-Rays?


A dental X-ray is regarded as one of the safest procedures in dentistry. Although even the American Dental Association acknowledges that X-rays involve radiation, their levels are deficient compared to our environment's natural and human-made radiation sources.

Dental radiology uses radiation to transmit images similar to those transmitted by an airplane, television, or smoke detector in our daily lives. There are risks associated with dental X-rays, but in the long run, the benefits outweigh them.

While Dentist in Parker co acknowledge the importance of performing the X-ray procedures in a safe manner and ensuring that the right safety precautions are in place, we would also like to emphasize the importance of taking the necessary precautions especially when pregnant women or children are undergoing the procedure. It is possible to protect the body from most radiation by wearing a lead apron during the session, and the patient can provide for himself.


What Are the Benefits of Dental X-Rays?


Dental X-rays aim to determine any issues with your teeth, gums, bone, or roots that may need to be addressed. Dental checkups can help you identify many problems that may otherwise go unnoticed. These problems can include decay between the teeth, bone loss caused by gum disease, tumors or growths, and infections in the teeth and gums, which, if left untreated, can turn into more severe illnesses. It is generally considered an effective way of explaining an issue that cannot be detected during an oral examination to take the appropriate action and administer the appropriate treatment as soon as possible.


Digital x-ray of teeth


These images are necessary to place dental implants or veneers, such as porcelain veneers, to achieve the best possible outcome. There are plenty of benefits to dental X-rays when it comes to children. They can treat problems with spacing between the teeth, show root or bone-related issues, and serve as a map if a child needs to have a tooth extracted or undergo another complicated dental procedure. A dental X-ray procedure can provide an individual with a lot of valuable information that will assist them in maintaining healthy long-term habits that far outweigh any risk involved.'


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