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Benefits of Fluoride Treatments

September 23, 2022
Posted By: Amber Schmidt
Fluoride Treatment


Fluoride provides protective properties for teeth as it naturally occurs. There are several ways in which this substance can be applied to your teeth, including gel, mouthwash, and varnish. You brush your teeth with toothpaste to kill bacteria on their surfaces and strengthen their enamel as it penetrates the tubules (tiny holes) in your teeth. This article explains why it is essential to get fluoride treatments at the dental office parker co at least twice a year and why you should consider this treatment.




Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Dental remineralisation:- Acidic foods and drinks erode minerals from tooth surfaces, which fluoride treatments can restore. In addition to eroding tooth surfaces, bacterial activity also erodes minerals, and regular fluoride treatments at Parker Dentist can help to restore these minerals.

Cavity risk is reduced by: Children and adults benefit from fluoride's ability to prevent tooth decay. According to Dr Amber Schmidt, fluoride kills bacteria lodged in your teeth's tubules. In addition to filling the tiny microscopic holes formed in the early stages of tooth decay, fluoride also acts as a preventative measure. The deeper layers of the teeth will not be affected by decay.

Reducing dental care costs is possible by:- A fluoride treatment at Front Range Smiles in Parker, CO, which will cost you a modest fee, but you will save a lot of money throughout a lifetime in terms of dental care costs when you receive this treatment. By protecting your teeth with fluoride, you will have fewer cases of caries and tooth decay, which in turn means that you will not have to spend money on treatment for these conditions, which means that you will save money that typically would have been spent on their treatment.

Maintaining a perfect smile requires:  Furthermore, fluoride prevents gum recession caused by gingivitis and teeth discolouration since fluoride fills the tubules in your teeth and makes it harder for stains to form. Fluoride also protects your teeth from problems already mentioned. At Front Range Smiles, we offer regular fluoride treatments so you can enjoy a beautiful smile for the rest of your life.

Protecting your teeth from sensitivity: You can become sensitive to hot and cold substances when your enamel erodes due to bacterial activity, acidic foods, and drinks. A fluoridated toothpaste gets into the tiny pits formed in the enamel of your teeth and prevents the softer dentine from exposing itself, preventing sensitive teeth from developing.


When should I get fluoride treatments?

Dr Amber Schmidt recommends fluoride treatments for most patients every six months. Various factors can affect how often treatments are administered, however. For instance, in Parker, CO, dentists recommend fluoride treatments once every three months for people at higher risk of caries, such as those with poor oral hygiene habits and those with limited saliva production. Fluoride treatments can be sufficient for some people, even if they only receive one every 12 months. To determine how often you need fluoride treatments, Dr Amber Sachmidt will examine your teeth and recommend the most appropriate treatment.

What is the Fluoride Treatment Process?

The Front Range Smiles usually administers a fluoride treatment by "painting" it on the surface of your teeth to increase its effectiveness. To remove the excess fluoride from your teeth, you must brush your teeth for about 4-6 hours after brushing to remove the layer of fluoride that remains on your teeth.

Alternatively, fluoride treatments can be performed with a tray fitted over your teeth. Your dentist will ask you to brush your teeth after your dentist removes the tray in Parker, CO. In addition, the Parker, CO dentist may prescribe a fluoride mouthwash and instruct you to rinse your mouth with it for a few seconds before spitting the liquid out. When the fluoride has penetrated the surface of your teeth, you may brush your teeth after a set interval.

Can I eat after receiving a fluoride treatment?

Depending on your condition, Dr Amber Sachmidt may ask you to wait 30 minutes before eating. It is essential to take this precaution to prevent the recently applied fluoride from being washed away by what you eat.
Even so, if you do not consume anything very hot or sticky after receiving a fluoride treatment, you may be able to eat immediately. It may be possible for the hot food or drink to melt the fluoride from your teeth, while sticky foods can adhere to the fluoride and remove it from the surface of your teeth. 

As you can see, fluoride treatments provide many benefits to oral health despite their simplicity. Don't hesitate to contact Front Range Smiles if it has been more than six months since you last had a fluoride treatment. During this procedure, one of our friendly staff members will clean your teeth and administer this protective treatment to ensure that your dental health will last a lifetime.

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