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Is BOTOX® Safe for Your Face?

April 22, 2021
Posted By: Front Range Smiles
woman with botox in parker co

BOTOX® is an injectable drug that the FDA has approved for use in small doses by trained and licensed medical professionals like Dr. Amber Schmidt at her Parker, CO dental office.

Most people know that BOTOX® is used to temporarily treat facial wrinkles and minimize signs of aging around the eyes (“crows feet”), nose, mouth, and forehead. However, doctors and dentists also administer BOTOX® to relax muscles for medical purposes, such as TMJ pain treatment.

Millions of patients—both men and women—have received BOTOX® for facial rejuvenation, and that’s likely to continue as more people actively use cosmetic treatment to enhance and maintain a youthful facial appearance.

A Natural and Relaxed Appearance with  BOTOX®

Some BOTOX® patients in Parker worry that treatment will leave their face looking frozen or unnatural. The goal of BOTOX® treatment is not to dramatically alter your facial appearance; instead, your dentist uses it to gently smooth out lines and rejuvenate your appearance, and all your friends will see is that you look relaxed and refreshed. 

While BOTOX® does work by “freezing” certain targeted muscles, professional doses are so low that they aren’t strong enough to "numb your face" or restrict movement, such as smiling or raising your eyebrows.

BOTOX® to Treat TMJ Pain

Because our Parker dentist is trained to administer BOTOX® safely, she also uses it in certain muscles to minimize jaw tension and reduce unconscious teeth grinding or clenching. Because BOTOX® works by relaxing muscles and making it harder for them to move, this treatment approach effectively addresses TMJ pain.

Schedule with a BOTOX® Dentist in Parker, CO

Would you like to learn more about BOTOX® and how it can benefit you? Call Front Range Smiles and schedule a consultation with Dr. Amber Schmidt Dentist Parker. She will be happy to discuss your concerns regarding facial rejuvenation or using BOTOX® to minimize TMJ pain. She will design a personalized treatment plan that helps you achieve your goals and fits your budget and lifestyle.

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