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Chairside suction: Why Do Dentists Use It?

September 23, 2022
Posted By: Amber Schmidt
Chairside Suction


Most patients are unaware that the dental assistant's spit-vacuum used during their cleaning harms their health and safety. There are many important roles that your mouthguard plays - even though it seems that one of them is to keep you from drooling all over yourself as your dentist works on transforming or restoring your smile, there are other vital roles that it plays as well. Using these tools, you can learn more about dental suction in the following paragraphs, including how your Parker CO Dentist keeps patients and staff healthy.




How does Dental Chairside Suction work?

Dental suction devices can remove large quantities of air and saliva from the mouth during a short period. When an oral surgeon is performing oral surgery, cosmetic treatment, or a dental cleaning, dental cleaning devices are commonly used to keep the patient's mouth, teeth, and gums dry while the dentist performs the treatment. Even though they maintain a constant static vacuum pressure, there are openings of various sizes that allow varying amounts of air to be sucked in simultaneously.

Furthermore, it can also prevent diseases from spreading and infections from spreading. It is even required that dentists use a dental suction device when performing dental treatments involving fast-moving dental tools capable of aerosolising saliva particles into the air, causing them to become airborne.

How Do Dentists Use Suction?

Your cosmetic dentist will use a dental suction throughout your procedure for various reasons to keep you comfortable and safe. Here are a few examples:

Maintaining a Dry Mouth: A dry mouth before undergoing many treatments is necessary to achieve an airtight bond. Saliva can affect the strength of the bonding agent if there is too much in your mouth.

Airways Protection: Using a dental suction device will allow you to breathe if you are under sedation during your treatment.


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Choking prevention: In addition to the presence of foreign objects in your mouth, you may experience increased saliva production during the treatment session, which may cause the fear that you will choke while in the treatment chair. The suction will remove more saliva from your mouth, making you feel more comfortable.

Aerosolised Viruses & Germs: When you use fast-moving instruments like polishers, your saliva can become an aerosol plume. Airborne illnesses and bacteria are possible without suction.


How does Dental Suction work?


Suction devices for dentistry are designed to make patients more comfortable and to minimise the spread of germs and bacteria in the mouth. Therefore, patients can undergo dental treatment without worrying about future health issues' consequences.

You know what dental suction device your cosmetic dentist uses is the best way to learn more about what type of device they use. You can also ask your dentist about it during your treatment. By concentrating on achieving a beautiful, healthy smile, you will be able to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile.


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