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Why Your Child Needs Lifelong Dental Care

June 8, 2022
Posted By: Amber Schmidt
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A parent's hopes and dreams for his or her child are boundless. The parent wants their child to achieve success and to be happy. While you probably don't give much thought to their future smile, lifelong dental care is an important part of their future.

What makes the lifelong dental care so important? Your child should have a healthy, vibrant smile when they reach adulthood so that they can open many doors in their life. The oral health of an individual is certainly important, but it also plays a major role in their overall wellness. An individual's overall health is greatly influenced by his or her oral health. Lifelong dental care is extremely important.

As Dentist Parker, we would like to work with you to help your child form lifelong habits of caring for their teeth. Parents ask us about how to take better care of their children's teeth, so here are a few tips that we often share with them.

Maintain a Healthy Dental Care Routine

A healthy smile comes from brushing your teeth properly. Starting at the point when your child's first teeth emerge from the gums, you can brush their first baby teeth. Clean the teeth gently using a soft cloth. You should teach your child how to brush their own full set of teeth as they grow older. A good brushing routine includes:

Two times per day

Ideally, your child should brush their teeth after breakfast in the morning. Make sure to brush their teeth again before bedtime. Plaque, tartar, and cavities are easily developed by brushing once a day (or worse, not at all!).

Brush your teeth for two minutes

When children first begin brushing their teeth, they will usually brush for just a few seconds and exclaim, “Done!”. It is important to teach them to brush for two minutes every time. When your child is using a phone or tablet, a timer is a great way to keep track of time.

Choosing a toothbrush

Your child is mostly concerned with what cartoon character is on the handle, but as a parent, you should be concerned with the state of the bristles. Fresh bristles will be more effective at cleaning teeth and gums than worn ones. In general, the American Dental Association recommends replacing toothbrushes every three to four months, or sooner if the bristles have worn out Significantly.

The Key to Lifelong Dental Care is Regular Flossing

Flossing is a very important part of lifelong oral health care, even if most children (and adults!) do not like it. Flossing eliminates more bacteria and food particles from the mouth than just brushing. Brush your teeth thoroughly before flossing.

Flossing is inconvenient for children or disliked by many. Parents have found that using floss picks, which are small pieces of plastic pre-strung with floss, is an effective way to encourage their children to floss. Don't forget that most habits are easier to pick up than to teach. If your child sees you floss daily, it's more likely they will too.


Healthy eating leads to lifelong Dental Care

When your child's smile is developing during adolescence, it's important to encourage them about healthy eating. It's crucial to develop good nutritional habits in order to have a healthy digestive system, as well as a healthy mouth.

Children should avoid sugary drinks like soda, particularly if they're at school and unable to brush their teeth right away. Even though fruit juices are healthier than soda, they are still packed with sugar that can cause cavities. If you have toddlers or nursery school children, think about watering down fruit juices. It is beneficial for the whole body, not just the mouth, to teach children that sugary snacks and candies are treats and not a regular part of their diets.

Regular dental care contributes to lifelong dental health

In addition to teaching your child how to take care of their own teeth, regular dental checkups are an absolute necessity. If your baby's first tooth pops through the gums within the next six months, you should schedule an infant dental visit. In the future, you should get your child a regular cleaning every six months.


How can your child benefit from seeing a pediatric dentist? A dentist has the tools and expertise to clean and examine your child's teeth in a way you cannot do at home. A semi-annual dental checkup is crucial for lifelong oral health because tartar buildup cannot be removed with a toothbrush. In addition to x-rays and braces, your child's dentist can also fill cavities. The dentist will be your child's friend for a lifetime if you teach them that.

Children's Dentistry Builds Lifelong Dental Care

Several Children's Dentistry locations are conveniently located in the Parker area. There are always appointments available during our family-friendly hours, so you can always find one that is convenient for your schedule.

We aim to make every location in the office comfortable for your child, from the moment they enter until the moment they leave. The staff at Dr Amber Schmidt's office is interested in making sure that your child has the best smile possible. Contact us online or by phone at (720) 851-5020 to schedule your child's appointment.

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