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What to Expect With Sedation Dentistry

January 22, 2021
Posted By: Front Range Smiles
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If you’ve ever experienced dental anxiety, then you know what it’s like for fear to keep you from getting the treatment you need to keep your smile healthy. Here at Front Range Smiles, we never want our patients to experience cavities or severe oral health problems because their anxiety made visiting the dentist too difficult. 

To help you manage your fears of the dentist, we offer two types of sedation dentistry in Parker, CO. When you choose either our nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or oral conscious sedation (prescription medication), you can expect to have pleasant, stress-free visits to the dentist in parker co in your future! 

How Sedation Dentistry Feels

The point of oral sedation is to calm and relax you either immediately before or during your dental treatment. Depending on the type of sedation you choose, you may experience several different sensations. 

When you opt for laughing gas, you can expect to feel light, airy, and comfortable during your treatment. Even though we do not administer your nitrous oxide until you’re sitting in the dental chair, the effects of the laughing gas begin immediately. Most patients report feeling relaxed and mentally “far away” from their dental treatment, and many experience a tingling sensation in their arms and legs. 

Once we stop administering your laughing gas, the effects begin to wear off right away. We will have you inhale some pure oxygen through a mask to help you return to normal.

The experience with oral conscious sedation is a bit different. Because oral sedation is in the form of a pill you take before your dental appointment, you will begin to feel relaxed and sleepy before you ever leave home. 

Someone will need to drive you to and from our dental office if you’re using oral sedation because you will feel groggy and dreamlike. Although you will be awake during your dental treatment, you’re unlikely to remember much of it because of the effects of the medication. Feeling “foggy” after your treatment can help reduce any potential future dental anxiety you may experience.

Schedule Your Next Dental Visit with Sedation Dentistry in Parker, CO

Using sedation dentistry to treat dental anxiety is safe, effective, and affordable. If you’re worried about coming in for your dental visit or have been postponing treatment out of nervousness, give us a call at (720) 851-5020 to learn more about our dental sedation in Parker, CO.

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