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July 6, 2022
Posted By: Amber Schmidt
Tooth colored fillings


About a decade ago, metal fillings were the talk of the town. Nowadays, dental fillings are an important part of dental treatment. The difference is that tooth-coloured fillings have replaced metal fillings to a large extent.

If you are getting something that matches the colour of your teeth, you don't want it to be made of metal. Dentist Parker CO is ready to answer any questions regarding tooth-coloured fillings. 



The benefits of tooth-coloured fillings

Before going over the varieties of tooth filling and selecting the best one, it is important to understand why the tooth filling is being done. 
Tooth decay is a common problem that almost everyone experiences at least once in their lifetime. In this scenario, harmful bacteria attack the tooth and release acid that slowly destroys the tooth enamel, resulting in a hole. Exposing this hole or cavity to food items high in sugar or acid can grow even larger. Hence, treating it at the earliest possible time is important to prevent infection or if you do not wish to lose your tooth. 



What do you know about tooth decay?


Every individual is advised to visit the dentist at least twice a year to prevent dental problems. But most people do not follow this regime. 

There are several signs and symptoms of tooth decay, such as:

  •  When you drink or eat something hot or cold, you feel sensitive to the temperature
  •  An unpleasant experience when taking a bite
  •  The tooth has a black spot or an obvious hole

If such symptoms are noticed, it is recommended that you don't ignore them and visit the dentist as soon as possible.

Placing tooth-coloured fillings


The filling process involves several steps, which can take up to 2-3 sittings with the dentist, depending on the condition of the tooth decay.

  • An X-ray is taken of the decayed tooth by the dentist.
  •  Anaesthesia is injected into the gums before the procedure begins.
  • The decayed portion of the tooth is carefully removed from the tooth. 
  •  Afterwards, the tooth will be restored using a filling after cleaning the area. 

Though the procedure is the same for all fillings, a tooth-coloured filling may take a little longer. It is important because the decayed area is carefully cleaned, and an adhesive is applied to keep it away from saliva before filling it.


In the tooth-coloured filling

Different options are available for tooth-coloured fillings, such as composite resins, which are suitable for small and moderate cavities. A composite filling is the most common form of restoration for a decayed tooth. 
In addition to composite resins, there are also tooth-coloured fillings such as porcelain restorations and composite inlays. 
Several factors influence the choice of the right filling. These include the cost of the filling, the time it takes to complete the process, etc. Whatever the case, most people today prefer to have their teeth restored with natural-coloured materials. There is only one thing to remember: you may need to have your fillings periodically replaced (according to The Journal of the American Dental Association). In contrast, regular dental checkups will always be beneficial to keep the problem at bay. 

Benefits of getting tooth-coloured fillings


It raises the million-dollar question of why people today prefer tooth-coloured fillings to metal fillings. 
Many factors make tooth-coloured fillings useful today.
 It is worth noting that one of the most common benefits is greater self-confidence. The tooth-coloured filling not only treats the decay but also conceals the fact that the tooth has decayed. As it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it increases the confidence of the patient without a doubt. 
 When it comes into contact with heat, the metal expands and contracts. Consequently, there have been several instances in which the restored tooth developed a crack due to the expanding or contracting of the silver filling. 
While-coloured fillings do not present the same problem. A filling is not affected by the food the person is eating and remains intact without harming the tooth. 
 Dental strength is another important factor. Only the decayed portion is removed when restoring a tooth with natural fillings. Apart from the metal fillings, a portion of the healthy enamel is removed before a metal filling is placed. A tooth-coloured filling gives the tooth good strength since it forms a strong bond. 

As a conclusion


The tooth-coloured filling has almost eliminated the need for metal fillings. Because of its amazing benefits, such as the ability to restore the tooth in a healthy manner, it has become a favourite not just among patients but also among dentists. Schedule an appointment with The Parker Dentist to learn more.

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