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What Types of Dental Extractions Are There?

March 24, 2021
Posted By: Front Range Smiles
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Even though we’d love for every one of our patients to keep every one of their natural teeth, sometimes extreme situations call for a tooth extraction to preserve a patient’s oral health. 

Having a tooth removed is a safe, routine procedure we regularly perform here at Front Range Smiles. We will make sure you feel fully comfortable with and educated about the process before we begin. In this blog post, we’ll talk in more detail about the different types of dental extractions and why each one is necessary.

Two Types of Dental Extractions

Dentists categorize all tooth extractions into two basic categories: simple and surgical. As you might guess from their names, these two types of dental extractions differ in the sense that one requires a more involved surgical technique while the other does not. 

We perform both types of extractions at our dental office and specialize in providing kind, gentle treatment.

Simple Tooth Extractions in Parker

When you picture dental extractions, “simple” extractions are probably what first comes to mind. Your Parker dentist can perform a simple tooth extraction on any tooth that you can already see—visible, erupted teeth above the gum line.

We use simple extractions for removing teeth that are:

  • Causing crowding in your mouth
  • Infected or damaged beyond repair
  • In the way of future dental implants 

If you have a tooth with a large cavity or a fracture from an injury, you would require a simple dental extraction. 

Surgical Tooth Extractions

Conversely, dentists use surgical dental extractions for more complicated situations and teeth that are not visible above the gum line. 

The most well-known type of surgical extraction is wisdom tooth removal, where your dentist surgically extracts unerupted wisdom teeth that live below the surface of your gums. 

Dr. Schmidt also performs surgical tooth extractions for teeth that break off at the gum line, leaving the tooth roots below. 

Gentle and Safe Tooth Removal in Parker, CO

If you need a tooth extracted in Parker, CO, our Parker Dental Office team at Front Range Smiles is here for you. We want to help guide you through the process and make your dental extraction experience go as smoothly as possible. 

To schedule an evaluation for wisdom teeth extraction or other dental work, please call us today at (720) 851-5020.

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