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What are the benefits of BOTOX®?

Front Range Smiles proudly offers BOTOX® and non-surgical injectable fillers to patients in Parker, CO, and all surrounding areas. Dr. Amber Schmidt and our friendly dental team are remarkably skilled and experienced in BOTOX® and injectable filler therapy.

Whether you would like to erase the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles, or you seek relief from migraines and TMJ pain, Dr. Schmidt can help determine the best injection therapy for you. 

What Is BOTOX®?

BOTOX® acts as a shield between your brain and the muscle into which you receive the treatment. BOTOX® blocks nerve signals to the targeted muscle, allowing it to relax. When a muscle constantly contracts without appropriate rest, it can result in muscle rigidity, soreness, and pain.

Benefits of BOTOX® 

BOTOX® is completely safe, highly effective, and has numerous benefits, such as:

  1. Reduces the Appearance of Wrinkles 

  2. Relaxes Facial Muscles and Relieves TMJ Pain 

  3. Minimally Invasive (No Need for Plastic Surgery!)

  4. Energizes Your Appearance 

  5. Reduces Jaw Tension and Pressure 

  6. Minimizes Migraine Pain 

Are You Ready for a More Youthful Appearance?

If you would like to rejuvenate your appearance without getting plastic surgery, BOTOX® may be the perfect treatment for you. BOTOX® may also be beneficial for those who live with orofacial pain and pressure from an injury, misfiring neurons, joint disorders, and more. 

Our team at Front Range Smiles loves helping patients look and feel their best, and we are excited to help you attain your aesthetic goals!

Contact us today to schedule your consultation at dental office parker co so Dr. Schmidt can determine if BOTOX is right for you. 

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