Dental Crowns & Bridges in Parker, CO

woman with dental crowns smiling in parker coAt Front Range Smiles, we know that our patients do their best to keep their teeth and gums healthy. But problems like broken teeth and tooth loss can occur, and if and when they do, we have the solution you need.

Dr. Amber Schmidt offers high-quality, durable dental crowns parker colorado and bridges for patients in Parker, Aurora, and surrounding areas. When a tooth-colored filling isn’t enough, we recommend a crown to protect the tooth’s structure and enable you to chew on it comfortably again. One or more missing teeth affect your oral health and your confidence, and in this case, Dr. Schmidt would recommend a dental bridge. 

How a Dental Crown Can Help You

Dental enamel is actually incredibly durable and is the hardest substance in the human body. It’s a good thing, too, because we ask a lot of our teeth every day. As strong as your teeth are, though, they’re not indestructible, and we offer quality dental crowns to restore a tooth to full function.

Dr. Schmidt is a dentist in Parker who might recommend a tooth crown for any of the following reasons:

  • A tooth has a cavity that is too large to be repaired with a filling.
  • A tooth has already had multiple fillings and now requires additional support.
  • A tooth has had root canal treatment, and we need to protect it afterward.
  • A tooth is broken, cracked, or severely worn and needs protection from further damage.
  • A tooth is too small or discolored, and you need a crown to conceal the aesthetic problem.

We also place dental crowns to restore a dental implant and as part of bridgework to replace missing teeth.

The Process for Getting a Crown

Placing a dental crown on the tooth requires two appointments at Front Range Smiles. During the first, we prepare the tooth, take impressions, and create a temporary crown for you to wear.

It takes about two weeks for a custom dental lab to craft your new tooth crown, and when it’s ready, you will return to our office so that Dr. Schmidt can adjust it and cement it securely in place.

Why You Might Need a Dental Bridge

man smiling in a dental chair in parker coIt’s crucial to address tooth loss as soon as possible. Even one missing tooth can have a ripple effect on your oral health that leads to other issues like teeth grinding, cracked or broken teeth, and even TMJ problems.

A dental bridge is designed to replace missing teeth by placing an artificial tooth in the gap and securing it to adjacent teeth with dental crowns. The main criteria for getting a bridge is that you have one or two teeth missing in the same area of your mouth and that the adjacent teeth are strong enough to support the crowns.

The process for getting a dental bridge also takes place over two visits to our Parker dental office, spaced two to three weeks apart.

Schedule an Appointment

Dr. Schmidt works with only the top custom dental labs in our area, where skilled technicians create beautiful, lifelike tooth restorations like crowns and bridges. You can be confident that the restoration you receive will function well and look perfectly natural. The only people who will know you’ve had any work done are you and your dentist.

If you want to learn more about dental crowns and bridges and how they might benefit you, call us to schedule an appointment